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SEMINAR information

​​[Seminar for beauticians only]

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● Thorough oil explanation seminar (Hiroshima)
DayDate: May 15, 2023 (Monday)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Organizer: Adva Corporation
Lecturer: Kazu NakataTaro
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● Oil Thorough Explanation Seminar (Fukuyama)
DayDate: May 16, 2023 (Tue)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Organizer: Adva Corporation
Lecturer: Kazu NakataTaro
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● Thorough explanation of oil seminar (Tokyo)
Date: 2023/7/4 (Tue)
Time: 11:00-13:00
Hosted by: Lebo
Lecturer: Kazu Nakata
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[Contents of seminars held so far]

・Communication of hair science
We will prepare the axis of the part that tends to be vague, such as the role of hair and the reason for damage.
The structure of hair you want to remember, the essence of hair damage, the four seasons in Japan and changes in hair, etc.

・Shampoo theory
I will tell you the difference between shampoos that are available in many drugstores and salon shampoos.
The role of shampoo and its effect on hair ・The structure of shampoo and the strengths of salon products, etc.

・Silicone and restoration theory
We will explain the true nature of "silicone" and how it is used so that we can face our customers with a correct understanding.
In the first place, what is "silicon" and "silicone"?・Items that require or do not require silicone.

​・"Conveying" surfactant
We will explain how to respond to changes in the customer's hair and scalp by imagining the types and roles of surfactants.
Residual/accumulation of surfactant... how to deal with it?・ Home care methods that should be communicated to customers, etc.

・Do not use an iron! Strategy for dealing with curly hair
We will tell you the difference between terminal hair and soft hair, and the causes of peculiar hair and swells.
​Factors of curly hair, characteristics of Japanese curly hair, merits and demerits of each curly hair treatment, etc.

・Topic Ingredients Seminar Why does shampoo have texture?Are you going out?
Explanation and application of topical raw materials,
I told you about the reason why the texture comes out with shampoo and the properties and effects of surfactants.

・Facing children's curly hair!
Basic knowledge such as the flow of hair production, the influence of blood flow and bone structure on hair quality,
There is a lot of knowledge that can be used for children's treatments, such as the difference in hair quality between adults and children and the age at which hair quality is determined.

​ We will also introduce menu development for children who suffer from unruly hair. ​

[Notes on online seminars]・Since it is limited to the first 200 accounts, you will not be able to take the course if you exceed 200 accounts. Thank you for your understanding.​・When participating at the same place, please use one account as much as possible.・From 18:45, we will set up the microphone and sound image. Please enter the room from 18:45 as much as possible.・If you are entering the room after 19:00, please mute the microphone on your device.・We recommend that you take the course in a wireless LAN or LAN environment.・Sound and images may be disturbed due to communication conditions, personal computers, mobile phones, etc. please note that.・It will be a one-way seminar. If you have any questions, please contact the agent at a later date.・Please refrain from recording.・ Other than hairdressers, sameLegal action may be taken if other companies take the course.

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