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Cuticle raw tension cloth oil


Cuticle raw tension cloth oil

  • An oil that strengthens the cuticle and leads from the scalp to lively, firm and shiny hair.


    The "raw cuticle ®" ingredient, which is particular about the formulation that spreads like a fine mesh, evenly prepares the cuticle and makes the hair resistant to changes in humidity. 18MEA makes your hair evenly moisturized from the scalp to the ends.


    In addition, the “raw firmness” ingredient that strengthens the cuticle and gives firmness, while achieving “plump elasticity” without creases, fruit oils such as miracle fruits and plant extracts lead to a lively environment from the scalp.

    It is recommended to use while massaging.


    <HOW TO>

    1: Take an appropriate amount and apply from the tip to the middle of the hair.

    2: Spread the remaining oil on your hands all over your hair.

    3: Massage the scalp with the remaining oil

    Comb and dry after this

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