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Traveling Cosmetics Rouryu Totonou Hand Cream


Traveling Cosmetics Rouryu Totonou Hand Cream

  • A hand cream that treats rough hands due to coldness with wax ingredients and soothes the skin of the hands.


    Focusing on the fact that "coldness" is also greatly involved in the cause of rough hands.

    When it gets cold and blood circulation worsens, metabolism slows down and skin turnover is disturbed.

    Then the stratum corneum will harden, causing rough hands such as cracks.

    Therefore, we approach the cold and hardening with the "Loryu ingredient", which has a far-red effect and softens the skin. I can fix the turnover.


    Of course, it also contains ingredients that act as water retention, moisturizing, and a sebum film to improve the "barrier function" that collapses when washing your hands, etc., to improve rough hands.

    Formulated with only ingredients that can be safely used by children.


    *Louryu ingredients: rhyolite powder, birch bark extract

    * Water retention: levulinic acid, honey acid

    *Moisturizing: High concentration ceramide

    *Role of sebum membrane: Squalane

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