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Suppin Hair Esthetic


Suppin Hair Esthetic

  • A salon menu that removes surfactants and excess substances attached to them to make the scalp and hair “no makeup”.


    By removing the "surfactant" that remains and accumulates on the scalp and hair, it is a menu that prepares an environment where treatments, scalp agents, drugs, etc. can easily penetrate.

    All treatments can be done at the shampoo stand.

    Since the ingredients (CMC, keratin, sebum film, etc.) necessary for the hair and scalp are replenished, it is possible to start the treatment immediately.



    ●Before treatment: Penetration and fixation of drugs improved
    ●After treatment: remove alkalinity, increase durability of drug

    *Not suitable for post-treatment of manicure.


    <Approximate treatment time>

    Shampoo + about 5 minutes


    <Treatment fee>

    Please contact the handling salon


    *The menu name may differ depending on the salon.

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