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Cuticle Toukangen st Shampoo


Cuticle Toukangen st Shampoo

  • Corrects peculiarities and suppresses waviness

    Shampoo that brings shine and cohesion


    <This is a power-up renewal product of Cotton Tokangen Shampoo>


    While repairing cuticle damage with the nano-sized "Raw Cuticle®" ingredient, it washes only dirt without giving damage-causing friction with its dense foam.

    In addition to reducing sugars, waviness-suppressing keratin works from the outside and inside of the cuticle to improve the appearance of hair.

    In addition, the body-friendly vitamin B ingredients contained in breast milk and cotton seed oil lead to an environment where it is difficult for the scalp to develop peculiarities.


    * It is an eco-friendly bottle that uses vegetable resin.

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