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Cuticle Creamy Cushion Shampoo


Cuticle Creamy Cushion Shampoo

  • From damaged skin to sensitive skin to anti-aging, this one shampoo will leave everything to you.


    By blending a very small amount of "surfactant" with high degreasing power and blending ingredients that easily contain air, it suppresses the outflow of oil from the hair and scalp. Therefore, the durability of the color is also improved.

    In addition, chlorophyll, which has natural antioxidant and antibacterial effects, prevents color fading while leading from the scalp to healthy hair.

    Recommended for those who have sticky hair and scalp even though they shampoo every day. At first, it may feel difficult to lather, but in about a week, the original oil balance will be restored, leading to healthy hair.

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