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honey acid treatment


honey acid treatment

  • For those who feel that their hair lacks luster, a new concept treatment menu that corrects "hidden curly hair" and leads to glossy hair!

    With sugar and honey acid, it corrects the habit while treating.


    You don't want to straighten your hair, you don't want to straighten it, you don't notice your hair straightening, and you don't notice your hair straightening.

    Sugar adjusts the "distortion" of the hair, honey acid protects the hair softly, and levulinic acid cross-links the hydrogen bonds inside the hair to increase the water retention capacity, making it glossy, smooth and easy to handle.

    Treatment after coloring is also possible ◎

    Continued use of the "Cuticle Cotton Tokangen" series for home care will keep your hair manageable and shiny.


    <Approximate treatment time>

    About 20 minutes (including standing time)


    <Treatment fee>

    Please contact the handling salon


    *The menu name may differ depending on the salon.

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