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The concept is “memorable cosmetics” like a trip.

Very unique and high quality.​We deliver cosmetics that excite you like a trip!


​ Rich creaminess with durian extract thick hairfart


durian milky oil


Suggested retail price: 4,400 yen (tax included)


​Tropical & Exotic Fragrance

A rich fragrance that makes you feel the air of Southeast Asia, based on the scent of durian extract as it is.

\ Even though it's durian! /

​Dense good scent

Uniquely extracted ripe durian extract

​ "Cure Care"

Formulated with an extract uniquely extracted from only the fully ripe fruit of the high-grade and popular durian variety "Musan King". In particular, it is rich in vitamins E and C, and has an excellent antioxidant effect to care for hardening.

High effect by original blend

​ "Damage care"

In addition to simply blending good ingredients, we carefully adjust the blending ratio and balance, so even if the same ingredients are blended, there will be a definite difference in texture and effect.


Apply about 2 pushes of medium to your hair. It is recommended to pick up one push at a time and layer it on top of each other.

​Can be used on both wet and dry hair after towel drying.


Trivia about durian

openA fresh durian does not smell bad. After opening, it becomes a strong scent when time passes. Of course, it has a unique scent even when it is freshly opened, but it is not as smelly as I thought.

​ *There are individual differences in how the scent is perceived.

doThere are various types of lians, and among them, “Musan King” has a bitter taste and is very popular among locals! However, the price is said to be about 10 times that of normal durian.

​Cosmeker has extracted its own extract from only the ripened Nekosanno fruit and formulated it into durian milky oil!

Please be sure to enter the brand name "Doriaco".

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